Witold Cisło – а composer, multi-instrumentalist, platin record producer.

He graduated from the Nowa Sol musical school (classical guitar), the Zielona Gora Musical College (percussion classes of Professor Grzegorz Bucki), the Nowa Sol Electrical Technical School, and he also studied at the Pedagogical University of Zielona Góra (Musical Department).

In 1991 he started cooperating with the Symphony Orchestra of the Zielona Gora Philharmonic Society named after Tadeusz Baird, conductor Czeslaw Grabowski. This creative cooperation went on for 7 more years and as a percussionist Witold kept on touring Europe and recorded the album "Eternal Songs" (Dux 1997).

He also started a musical collaboration with the Lubusz Theatre of Zielona Gora, playing the accompaniment in various performances, including the spectacle based on B. Brecht’s “Threepenny Opera”, directed by Tomasz Dutkiewicz, which was successfully staged and appreciated at the ’’Simijo” Theatre in Athens, Greece.

Since 1992, the drummer of the band " Konferansjer " with soloists Dagmara Crown-Persowską and Mark Dyjak, which won numerous awards and prizes at the student's festivals in Krakow, "Fama" in Swinoujscie, "Łykend" in Wroclaw. Such songs of the band like “Bałagany”, “Kowalska”, “Dzień dobry” featured on the compilations “Cytryna”, “Kraina łagodności” and they are still being aired by radio stations.

In 1995 Witold went to Vienna, where he met an American bard and composer Willy Bell, living there. Their friendship and creative teamwork, lasting still, resulted in the release of the "Just Hanging ‘round" album (percussion, guitars, bass) followed by a chain of performances in Austria, Australia and Cyprus.

In 1999, after returning to Warsaw Witold became a memeber of the Miroslaw Czyzykiewicz group, with whom he played many concerts and recorded the "Allez" album (percussion).

 At the same time he also took part in the recording of  the Czech banjo virtuoso Vojta Zich's album "Druch Miz" (drums, bass).

Throughout 2003-2005, Witold worked on his own album, for the recording of which he invited his friend Willy Bell (English lyrics) and school-mate Krzysztof Kiljanski (vocal). The material for the joint album "In the Room" was released 24.01.2005. It went “gold” after 2 months of sale (35,000 copies) and eventually became “platinum” (70,000!) by the end of 2005.

The song “Stay” opening the album made it to the final elimination of the Polish “Eurovision 2004” contest, having gained the huge support of fans and critical acclaim.

The single "Procz ciebie, nic” (music by Witold Cislo, lyrics by Kayah) from the album became the song of the year at the Opole Polish Song Festival in 2005.

Another song, "I Don't Know Where Life’s Going", the second single from the album, was chosen to participate in the “Amber Nightingale” competition at the international festival of Sopot in 2005.

2005 saw a special edition of the album "In The Room" containing three new songs. "From Christmas to Christmas" which was later published in various compilations deserves to be mentioned among others.

In 2005 Witold was nominated a candidate for the Frederyk ”Composer of the year” award.

2008 saw the release of the single “I Tylko Ty” - Piotr Polk / Witold Cisło (music, arrangement, production and recording of all the instruments).

In 2009 the single “Noce bez gwiazd” - Lora Szafran / Witold Cisło (music, arrangement, production and recording of all the instruments) was released.

In 2010, the singer Piotr Karpienia was invited to participate in Witold's next project where the latter participated as a composer, arranger, producer, and performer of nearly all of the instrumental parts, which was released in 2012 as the album "My World" - Peter Karpienia & Witold Cisło (Sony Music).

In 2012 Witold recorded and produced the single “Tylko Miłość (Zdarzyło się)” with Magda Umer.

In 2015 recorded and produced his song “Czas na obłoki i las “ with Magda Umer (from gold cd - “ Magda Umer – Duety. Tak młodo jak teraz”)

Witold is currently working on the material for his third album.